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Airtel 3G

Welcome to airtel 3G!

Now get online anywhere in the blink of an eye. No more buffering, no more waiting for pages to load. And discover the new possibilities with 3G.

Connect – While your wall posts are good, your pictures are better. So upload pictures from your phone and connect with your friends. Send and receive emails with attachments. And spice up your life with video calling!

Enjoy – Carry your entertainment in your pocket with movie and song downloads, video streaming of cricket matches, news and lots more. You don’t have to be in front of the idiot box to catch your favourite channels anymore. Just make sure you have Mobile TV.

Perform – Attaching presentations was never this easy. From quick email access to downloading heavy attachments, airtel 3G helps you work better and faster. Do stock transactions, navigation, video conferencing and lots more on your phone. For your laptop get the 7.2Mbps airtel Plug and Play USB modem and kiss slow speeds goodbye.

AIRTEL 3G 7.2 Mbps Data Card
Rs 1750/- Nett

AIRTEL 3G Postpaid Plans
Charges FreeData Bill Shield Cost_Post_Free Validity
Rs.0 0 GB Rs.200 3p/10kb Bill Cycle
Rs.100 300 Mb Nil 4p/10kb Bill Cycle
Rs.250 1 GB Nil 4p/10kb Bill Cycle
Rs.450 2 GB Nil 4p/10kb Bill Cycle
Rs.950 6 GB Nil 4p/10kb Bill Cycle
Rs.1500 10 GB Nil 4p/10kb Bill Cycle

AIRTEL 3G PrePaid Plans
Recharge FreeData Cost Validity
Rs.0 0 GB 4p/10kb 30 Days
Rs.102 300 MB Nil 30 Days
Rs.249 1 GB Nil30 Days
Rs.449 2.5 GB Nil 30 Days
Rs.749 4 GB Nil 30 Days
Rs.1499 10 GB Nil 30 Days

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